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The Kingdom Minds Mentorship Club Professional Membership is specifically designed for Professionals and Business Executives. The membership is structured into groups based on your profession. In the groups, you will get updates and informational trainings that will be very beneficial to your specified profession. The groups are structured in a conversational manner so that you may at anytime share your thoughts and experiences. The mentorship groups categories ranges from Businesses, Educational, Entertainment, Real Estates, and Services. Kindly specify your PROFESSION in the required field below, as this will help us add you to the group that's best for you. Thank You

Mentorship One-Time Fee: $99

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We are pleased to introduce Kingdom Minds Mentors Club (KMMC) to you. KMMC is a kingdom based initiative, a non- Political, non - Religious Club. KMMC believes in the Value of Life, the Unity of Purpose, Cultural Diversity, and understanding of different cultures. KMMC is run by professionals who are people of proven ability, reputable character, and integrity, together with highly qualified and experienced individuals.

KCCM focuses on the following; -

  • Nurturing talents, making it productive, and more profitable by showcasing the talent to the world and rewarding every effort.
  • Cultural Blending: Promoting and preserving cultural identities. At KMMC, we mix different cultures in new exciting ways to make the world to communicate more effectively and efficiently, and bond stronger.

KMMC recognizes the fact that societies are made up of many different groups with different interests, skills, talents, and needs, making people have different beliefs and orientations and further exposing both the young and old to new tastes and experiences. Cultural Blending is therefore very important because our society, workplace, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups and for us to learn from one another, we must have a level of understanding of ourselves in order to facilitate collaboration and cooperation.
The membership of KMMC is purely on individual choice and preference. No one is induced to become a member.

To be a member of KMMC, you must possess the following four fundamental requirements;

  • You must love yourself and the people in your environment.
  • You must be a shining light in the darkness that brightens the lives of others.
  • You must be a person of integrity and an exemplary person.
  • You must be content with what you have.

The above fundamental has helped KMMC overcome ordinary attacks that would have overwhelmed the club and kept the club victorious.

Making progress is the essence of human existence. Accordingly, at KMMC  we ‘KEEP MAKING PROGRESS’

Membership of the club is revocable upon suspicion of conduct contrary to the values and principles of the club.